In Pursuit of the Neoliberal Subject /
In pursuit of the neoliberal subject (co-authored with Erdogan H. Sima)
Articled in Peer-Reviewed International Journals
New Political Science, 41:1, 149-152,
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The possibility that a critical approach is grounded in what it critically approaches is indeed a paradox only a few would acknowledge, and certainly not as loudly as Derrida once did: “we can pronounce not a single destructive proposition which has not already had to slip into the form, the logic, and the postulations of precisely what it seeks to contest.” Likewise, The Neoliberal Subject: Resilience, Adaptation and Vulnerability, by David Chandler and Julian Reid, embodies a far less loud but nevertheless remarkable way of coming to terms with its own groundedness in what, otherwise, could be deemed a comfortably out-there object of criticism.